Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me and my body...

Well I tried running today and it didn't quite work out like I wanted it to. I stepped on my friendly treadmill and coaxed my body into a steady 4.mph walk for about 5 minutes and then inclined to 2% and proceeded to speed up to 5.5mph only for my body to say I quickly went back to walking. I feel like I have golf balls within my quad muscles and my calves hurt so bad words can not explain. Then there's my hip flexers that torture me with every stride. When I put pressure on each leg I get stabbing pains in my hips. It's lovely. I think I'll keep walking everyday and attempt to jog lightly until the torturous pain goes away.
I find it so ironic at 37 how my mind and body completely disagree. For example:
I feel 25 but my body says, "no your not"! My mind says, "yes, let's ride this roller coaster with lots of twists and turns but my body says, "I swear if you put me on one more ride I will make you vomit relentlessly" and I'm stubborn about it too. We fight, me and my body. My mind says, "stay up late and read books and watch TV because you need some no brainer time to yourself", but my body says, "I swear if you keep me up too late I will make you so tired the next day you won't be able to hold your head up". But my favorite argument lately was when I attempted to jump with my son in the moon walk at the church fair and I wanted to jump like a little kid and flip and bounce and my body said, "if you continue to pretend you are 10 then I will be forced to remind you that you carried a baby for 10 months on your bladder and embarass you silly by making sure you piss yourself." So guess who wins?

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Seana said...

Hey, it is so GREAT to hear from you! I miss you and Uncle Sean and Evan so much. Congratulations on finishing the half marathon! I heard your time was incredible.
You know after the marathon i had a hard time walking. Every time i wanted to walk normal the arches of my feet and my ankles felt as if they were going to pop. It was way to much pressure to walk normal. It was like that for about three days.
I think though that you are having a different problem which makes sense because all of our bodies handle themselves differently. I think you put the most pressure in your upper legs and i put it in my feet. Did you focus more on the time in the half marathon? I wonder if that made a difference?
I haven't tried to run yet since the marathon, but at the moment i feel like i could run normally, but i haven't tested that yet. I think what you said in your post is the best idea, just build yourself back up until your back to normal.
I'm so happy that you ran the half marathon. When you finished (like the next day) did you feel you wanted to do another one or a marathon? I think we she should do a run together. That would be neat.
Thanks for thinking of me. I'll be praying for you about it. You'll be back to your normal running self really soon!
Oh yeah, Devin is doing great, he is tired from school and work but he seems to really love Moody. He is actually going to be home this weekend to see Faith get baptized.
I hope to hear from you soon!
Love, Seana