Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To blog or not to blog...

I have journaled about every day since I was about 14 years old. I was at my Grandma's house when I was just a teenager and I came across her journal and started reading it. I was simple little notes about the day, weather, who she spoke with, what she ate and thought about. I thought to myself, that's a great idea so I started. Some years of journaling I've filled notebooks and others maybe a few lines. I even started one all about my dreams because Sean told me they were unusual and had to mean something very deep and profound. So now I'll blog. I'll give my family and friends and maybe even some strangers a look into my simple and lovely life which I love so very much.
First things you need to know...I am an evangelical Christian, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a runner. I'm about to be a half-marathoner in 4 days.

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