Monday, November 3, 2008

Get Ready Road here I come...

Woooohoooooo!!! After 4 chiropractic visits in the last week I am cleared to run. I asked Dr. Bosman my usual question, "can I run yet" and instead of his usual, let's not push it, he asked me, "how far do you plan on running"? I said excitingly, "well....I promise to take it super easy and only run like 3 miles". I mean it's not like I want a defunked pelvis tilt for the rest of my life cutting off the the very blood vessels and veins that feed my left leg. Funny how 3 miles seems like a warm up nowadays. He quickly replied, "you can cut that in half". So I'm going to run a whopping 1.5 miles tonight. I'm literally giddy, excited, elated. Holy moly I get to breath in crisp fall air and feel crunchy leaves under my feet. I might cry. Naaaaahhh.

Halloween was great. I have the sugar ring permanently stuck to the corners of my mouth to prove that I have been indulging with enthusiastic zeal. I knew I needed help this weekend when I mainlined all of the butterfingers and Snickers from Evan's candy bag. What a rush. The whole family came to our house for a change. We ate, laughed and ate more. The little neighborhood beggars were out in full force. I had good intensions of only having a few pieces but I was weak and I indulged. Whose to say if I give up everything sweet that I still won't have old farts passing me in my next race.

Ohhh and I'd like to give Paula Radcliffe a big shout out for being super unhuman. I have no qualms that one day she will be revealed to be a robot or have bionic blood or some strange crap like that.

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