Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving, I'm thankful....

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This post is a little late but what a near perfect week we had in South Carolina. This year we had the entire week off...ohhhh 9 blissful vacation days and sleeping in with sunshine. Happy, happy, happy me. Evan did much better then I expected in the car for 12 hours thanks to the DDD player, as he calls it. I went to the library and loaded up on dvd's. He fell in love with Shark Tales where I thought he'd be crazy about Monsters, Inc. The weather was very nice during our visit, 60's during the day and crisp and cool in the evening. I woke up early Monday morning and decided to go running before Evan or Sean woke so I threw on my running gear and headed out into the crisp fall air to pound some new pavement which is thrilling but after a few steps I realized my body was in mutiny for it is NOT used to the steep hills and valleys that the path held. My heart was pounding, I was breathing treacherously and my heart monitor was beep, beep, beeping away. I really need to get some skill behind climbing hills. If you would have seen these hills people you would die. They were LONG and STEEP. But the best part of my run came around mile 4 the weather was nearing perfect and the fall scenery could not have been matched. It was so nice to just get out and run for fun and not because I had to train. The only thing that spoiled the run was the three rotten little motherbleeping Scottish terrier's that charged me and nipped me on the ankles. While I was wearing my favorite Nike Dry Fit Pants....NOT THE PANTS DOGS!!! Those stupid little nasty, nippidy dogs deserved a sound kick or two so after I maced one of them and it went yelping off the best I could do was do a couple of lame mule-kicky things with my feet that I think glanced off its snarling jawls, yappy little head. Stupid $#$!@*! dogs! The flood of adrenaline that resulted from basically being attacked made me a little light-headed and my heart rate zoomed up. I spent the rest of the run at a faster pace as I thought of creative ways to take revenge on those nappy dogs. I later found out that the path I took lead me straight into a redneck infested, crazy people land with meth houses and skinheads. NICE! Grant quickly redirected me in a different direction for the remainder of my runs, so I took the safe route.

Thanksgiving Day. Ohhhh whatttt a dayyyyyy.....We get dressed up in our ball gowns and tuxedo's and sit down to the finest classical music while we statuesquely partake of the bird and trimmings...NOT! I've attached some pictures to give you an idea of what it's like with 51 family members crammed into an 800 square foot house trying to eat, grab and divulge at the same time (LOL). But let me just say, the food is unmatched and laughter is abundant. It's butterfest extravaganza baby! Here's my "pastor" father-in-law carving the turkey in a towel. I caught him eating more than he carved and put a stop to that. It's each man, woman, child for himself and stab what you can with that plastic fork.

My friends...I ate. Ate some more. Ate a little more. Then I actually thought of gagging out some sweet potatoes and dressing discreetly into a napkin so that in 10 minutes I could then eat some more....this entered into my mind. Then I took a few trips around the dessert counter, then waddled over to my spot on the couch to watch the rest of the family eat and eat while I tried to push some escaping M&M’s off my chin and back into my mouth before my head fell back asleep over the back of the couch. My food encrusted jowls are DONE..before long, I'm fast asleep in a food induced coma with chocolate spittle running out of the corners of my mouth, my body called in reinforcement enzymes to process the food through my system. At some point, I was awakened by the combo belch/fart that snaped my head from the back of the couch into a dazed, lip licking consciousness. The children were frightened from the sudden noise. My eyes wandered back to the desserts as I took a quick internal analysis to determine, like a game of food Tetris, do I have enough room now to work in that extra 7 layer chocolate cake wedge. I am thankful!!!

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