Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 here I come....

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. Busy, busy, busy. Baking cookies, cookie exchanges, entertaining, going, coming, talking, laughing, loving all the way! What a very, merry Christmas we all had. Relaxing, fun and all around terrific. We enjoyed all sides of the family (Anderson/Combs/and Gladding) and that's the best part of Christmas to me....getting together! I won't bore you with what was given and what was received...it was just so great being together. I'm happy it's 2009. It's time for new memories, goals and achievements. I was reflecting a bit on 2008 and here's what I can offer:

  • I spent quality time with family, friends and neighbors;
  • Chopped off all my hair;
  • Took up running thanks to my good friend Ruthie;
  • Took off 15 lbs.;
  • My sweet little niece got sick and it hurts my heart when little people hurt;
  • Ran 805 miles in 10 months;
  • My Grandma Leffew and Grandma Hancock passed away :(
  • Started attending a new church which I LOVE!!!;
  • Ran my first three races; 5K, 10K and then half-marathon without dying;
  • Had the greatest vacation of my life with BFF Michelle and her family;
  • Reconnected with one of my bestest friends from high school (Heather);
  • We finally finished our basement;
  • I watched my Grandma Combs slip considerably to dementia;
  • I got a computer at home with high speed internet service whooohoooo;
  • Moved my mom back down state where she should have been all along; and
  • Made a new and wonderful friend....Laurie :)
In retrospect 2008 was full of good times and hard times and isn't that just how life is? So what can I say about it all. God is still so good and I am so grateful to live a blessed, grace filled life. I have no doubt that 2009 will be full of good times and hard times and I'm choosing right now to praise God no matter what comes my way. Here are some of my goals and things to look forward to for 2009:
  • Spend quality time with family, friends and neighbors;
  • Let my hair grow out and try not to look ugly;
  • Run 1000 miles;
  • Tone my soft parts and not shriek at the site of myself in a bathing suit;
  • Watch my sweet little Scarlet recover and be healed;
  • Become more involved and get to know more people at Bridgewood (my church);
  • Run at least 5 races and obtain PR in all of them;
  • Run a race with a family member;
  • Turn 38;
  • Stay employed and try not to go postal during these economic times;
  • Go on a family vacation to Florida where I can run around w/Evan and pretend I'm 3; and
  • Read the entire Bible with my church and understand it better.

I would like wish all my fellow blog readers a very Happy New Year!


patty said...

as always, I just love the way you write, think, and believe!! I love you sissy and I intend to be the family member that you run a race with in 09 to satisfy that goal!!!

Chairman of the Michigan Children's Leaders Association said...

I think you wear short hair well! Your hair has always been cute!