Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 10 Minute Trainer....

OK, so I was telling you the other day about the 10 Minute Trainer DVD’s that we purchased with the famous physical trainer Tony Horton who is magically suppose to transform our bodies and it’s going to get done in a shoddy little 10 minute dvd (LOL). I’ve been skeptical to say the least. But since it has a 30 day money back guarantee, what can we lose? I was thinking, I’m in pretty good physical shape, I can barely break a sweat in 10 minutes. The program comes with a series of workouts that you do on alternate days.
1) Total Body
2) Upper Body
3) Abs
4) Lower Body
5) Yoga/Stretch
6) Cardio 1
7) Cardio 2

So we decided to tackle the total body workout and the lower body (my problem area). You have to complete the workout with these resistance bands. OK…..SO……Let me just say……. I woke up with morning with the first thought of….dear God…..please let me be able to walk, remove myself from bed….possibly make small infantile moves without screaming out in agony. I guess I’m not so in shape after all. I am lame, weak and got my butt whipped! But the sad part is that I feel a heck of a lot better than my poor little hubby who can barely lift his arms to shampoo his head. It’s comical! No, let me re-phrase, it’s hysterical. I’m debilitated by the soreness I feel in every last square inch of my puney body. So, I’m not so skeptical anymore. I figure if I paid a trainer at the gym to spend an hour with me ($60.00) I would never be this sore. So whenever I’m finally able to wipe myself without contorting my face in misery I’m going to try again.

I believe after 3-months of doing these dvd's consistantly, we WILL be in better shape.


Jessica D. said...

I heard about those DVDs from another blog i read. She also said they kicked her butt!

Good luck for the next 3 weeks!

Dyer Family said...

LOL! Kyle does the P90X program with friends at work. He's worked out for the majority of his life so he didn't think it was "that bad". He asked me to do the ab workout with him about two or three months ago. Let's just say these pains made me look forward to my monthly friend and the pain she brings.