Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get ready running world here comes Sean......

I have never really talked about my husband in my blog. For those of you who really know me you know that Sean and I have a long history of friendship. We are two very likeminded people and we are truly soulmates. I love my hubby deeply and passionately and I am blessed to have such a devoted and loving husband. We are similar in many ways and we’re polar opposites in other ways. When I ask him if he’s read my blog his reply is typically, “I don’t have time to read that book”. Sooooo I can write whatever I like about him :) hahaha. About a week ago Sean and I purchased the 10 Minute Trainer through one of those infomercial with Tony Horton. We laughed at each other as we ordered it because we tend to be very competitive in challenging each other. Tony Horton is the guy who developed P90X. It superstacks muscle exercises for faster results. Anyway, last night when I got home Sean started telling me how he’s just GOT to get in shape for when we go to Florida because he’s ashamed of his giant gut (WHATEVER!!!!) so I told him I would let him borrow the treadmill for the night to run on (aren’t I nice). He’s so funny. So after dinner (mistake #1) he hops on. I had asked him if he drank enough water during the day and he replied that his body is used to minimal amounts of water (mistake #2). Then I ask him how fast he’s going because it seems to me that he’s gasping for air and breathing uncontrollably like he’s having an asthma attack. He told me, quite seriously that he’s going 13mph and I can hardly hold my laughter in because I know by just the sound of the treadmill that he’s going between 4-5mph. So I walk over to him and the display reads 5mph (mistake #3). I told him he needs to work up to 5mph, he shouldn’t overdo it on the first run or he’ll never want to run again. I walk away knowing he’s going to have to learn from his own mistakes….o’well. I only run hundreds of miles a year and race each month of the summer….who am I to give running advice. So I start hearing this craaaazy lunatic sound like he’s gargling or coughing or choking. I don’t know, it was a sick noise and then he’s half whining ohhhh noooooo (mistake #4). He wants me to get him a cup to spit in because he’s choking on his own phlegm. He’s the poster child on how not to run, showing classic signs of overdoing it. While I’m playing with Evan I am listening to my hubby run, gasp, cough, hack, wheeze and then he slows the treadmill down to a walk and tells me (after about 10 minutes) that he thinks he’s going to vomit (mistake #5). He tells me his legs feel like they’re going to collapse from under him and he’s shaking all over and his head is spinning and it won’t stop….ahhhhhhh. I looked at him lovingly and told him to quickly sit down so he doesn’t pass out and bong his head on a sharp corner. Then I said….welcome to the world of running.

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